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What kind of treats does your dog crave? Take this quick quiz to find out. See the world through your dog's eyes, and pick with your pup's personality!
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Which of these scrumptious meat make your mouth water most?
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Who's a loving, loyal, friendly and all-around awesome dog? Why it's you, of course! You bring so much joy to your person, yet you don't ask for much in return—just a little attention and some treats that you can really sink your teeth into. A special friend like you deserves a special treat like Nudges® .
You may be small in stature, but you've got a big personality. When it comes to ruling the house, we all know who's really in charge. Make sure you're treated like the little that you really are and insist on Nudges® .
As an active dog with energy to burn, you love nothing more than playing outdoors. The only thing that comes close? Meat that tastes like it's fresh off the grill. Satisfy your taste for adventure with Nudges® .
Who's a good ? You are! You know just how to provide comfort to everyone around you. When it comes time for a snack, you love digging into a treat that's filled with generous cuts of real veggies. Curl up next to your person with Nudges® .
You're such a charmer, you brighten everyone's day. Every waking moment finds you working hard to make your person happy. You're also a connoisseur of great taste. Find the delicious combinations of flavor you crave with Nudges® .

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