Treats they love that you can feel good about

Why do dogs love Nudges® Dog Treats? First, either chicken or beef is always the #1 ingredient. Second, they’re made using only USA ingredients. Learn more about our delicious, all-natural dog treats!

Jerky Cuts

Made with Real Chicken, Steak or Duck

Made with USA protein, Nudges® Jerky Cuts Dog Treats are a real treat for any pup.

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Nudge them back with a treat you can trust 

How does your dog show you love? Whether it’s a nuzzle, a snuggle, or a wet nose on your arm, every fur baby has a unique way of expressing unconditional love. That’s a nudge moment, and it’s what being a pet parent is all about. Share the joy! Nudge your dog back with a delicious, all-natural, USA-made treat that you can feel good about.

Tickle me nudge and eskimo nudge